Best video game websites

Gone are the days when video games used to be played by kids alone. Currently, even adults throng reputable video game websites to have fun and exercise their brain muscles. What’s even better is that you can now play any video game you like by visiting some of the best video game websites on the internet.



As the technology continues to advance, many video game websites can provide their clients with high-quality video games with stunning graphics. Through these websites, you can play and interact with individuals from different parts of the world. Some websites are charged with distribution of video games while others produce and sell their own video games.



Thousands of websites on the internet offer video game playoffs. These sites are either classified as large commercial websites or video game blogs. However, only a few reputable websites can provide innovative and creative video games that offer a thrilling gameplay experience. Let’s have a look at some of the best video game websites where hardcore and non-hardcore fans can play, download or read information about online video games.



1. Gamespot


Gamespot has earned a place as one of the favorite bookmarks in many browsers since it was first launched in 1996. Besides being one of the oldest gaming websites, Gamespot has managed to update its gaming content to match the current generation’s needs. Its gaming goodness could be attributed to the fact that its forum is shared by CNET’s GameFAQs, a sister platform that led to the death of many other video gaming sites.



2. IGN is a multipurpose gaming platform that gives it visitors more gaming products than many other websites. Its products are highly valued in the gaming industry due to the extensive products they publish daily. Besides providing top-notch game-related news, IGN also publishes interviews and event coverage to ensure their audience is well informed. IGN mostly deals with AAA game content.





Of the many gaming websites that started a decade ago, Joystiq is still one of the best and reliable websites that offer blog-style news and podcasts about video games. Its talented team of editors are highly respected for providing their audience with solid content that is filled with humour.





Twitch tv gives its users a chance to Livestream any game they feel like playing and chatting on the site as well. Visitors also get a privilege to listen to recorded broadcasts and access games lists and their respective viewer counts.





Pokemon hosts a variety of Nintendo games that can be streamed online for fun. Its website is regularly loaded with updates to their existing games as well as publishing of new games. While the company started way back in the 19’s, it’s still one of the best sites for playing viral games like Pokémon go.



6. Rock, Paper, Shortgun is one of the best video game websites online that provide authoritative and witty information on many PC games. Most of their editorials and video game reviews are brutally honest to help their readers have an informed decision that would lead to a better gameplay experience. Besides providing analytical and thought-provoking content, their articles are enjoyable to read as well.



Therefore, if you are looking for the best websites that can provide you with quality video games or their reviews and news, you can rely on the websites mentioned above. Other websites that can be relied upon for a good gaming experience include,,,,,, and


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