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The Top Three Best Websites for Booking Your Next Travel Destination!

Are you researching for your next destination? Getting away to unwind and enjoy life should not be stressful and expensive. This is why we have listed down the top three best websites that can certainly help you as you plan your next trip, may it be for business, pleasure, or both! From these great sites, you can already compare hotels, bus or train tickets, and flight prices.

Google Flights

Google flights has a lot of power behind it, although it may seem otherwise because of its minimalist design. With the site, you can search for one-way, round-trip, multi-trip tickets, or choose flights that would leave at a certain time, which is perfect in saving money on a red-eye or if you want an afternoon flight and hate getting up early. More importantly, you can also specify the airline network that you prefer.

The filter does not end there because it can also make you decide on how many stops you can tolerate. Just like any other good flight booking search engine, you get to specify whether or not you want your tickets to be first class, business, or economy, and it all depends on how much you are willing to spend on the flight/s. If you want more options to show up on your screen or if you are on a budget, you might as well set a specific price cap.

As soon as you have set your preferred specification filter, you can then choose a flight that you are comfortable flying on. To help you make a better judgment on this matter, check what type of plane you will fly on, as well as other useful details such as above average legroom, etc.

What is great about Google Flights is that it features travel deals on its front page. This would be perfect especially if you want a budget-friendly trip or if you are looking for a last minute getaway.

ITA Matrix

The ITA Matrix has already established their name in the business for a long time now, which means they are a credible and reputable company. Even more so because they have been recently acquired by Google. The Technology of ITA Matrix was actually replicated to power the site mentioned above, Google Flights.

Having said this, you would think that it is just a duplicate to Google Flights. Well, it is not because even up to this day, they operate on their own. They have remained to be the go-to resource for frequent travelers who are on the lookout for power tools that could locate the best flights, sift through and search for thousands of travel options, get more information on special deals, and find the best travel plans – which not many travel search engines cater to their customers.


Hipmunk, among a few other travel sites, pioneered easy flight search. This means that they have paved the way in making flight booking as it is now. Because of them, you no longer have to deal with check boxes, difficult to sift through results, and jumbled airport codes. They also came a long way in incorporating hotels and hotel deals that goes along your chosen travel plan. If there is a price drop, they have added fare alerts to make sure that you wont miss it. The site is remarkable and it is very easy to use, too.

Now that you have seen our top three best websites for booking flights, it is now your turn in telling us what you think. Shoot us an email!


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