4 Things the Best Bloggers Do

Blogging is a common modern way of communicating mainly to the specific audience. Blog writing is done in different ways by different writers. However, some can be categorized as good; others best while others are of poor quality. The way a blog is written determines to a large extent the efficiency in achieving the objective for writing it. It is thus not just coming up with a story and posting it on the internet. There is no specific way of writing blogs but even with the diversity of ways used, quality remains a key factor. There are innumerable blogs out there, and many of them are very “niche.” Plus, it’d be hard to do a post about the best blogs but then leave ours off the list! Instead of naming names, we’re doing something different this time. This article aims at discussing what qualities the best blogs have over others.

They consider the audience

The audience is a key factor is deciding what to write and how to do it. Best bloggers always ask themselves who they are targeting, when they will read, why they will read and so forth. With that in mind, the bloggers can customize their blogs for the audience. The language you use while writing a blog, the style, the tone as well as vocabularies should consider your target audience. A blog that is aiming doctors should use a professional language for the doctors. The same blog would not be appropriate for farmers and so on.

They have the right

Best bloggers are always keen on the length of the blogs they write. It is not easy to say the exact length a blog should have. However, it goes undisputed that a simple observation does not require you to write a very lengthy article. On the other hand, writing a short article that does not fully cover the topic is equally not good. Consequently, the best guide as to what length a blog should have is the topic you are writing about. You should avoid being wordy but remain precise and relevant to the subject matter.

They are purposeful

Before you start writing a blog, it is always good to know the purpose you are writing it. The purpose helps to restrict your content and make your blog precise. As such, bloggers who can clearly define the purpose why they are writing a blog, end up writing the best blogs. After all, everything, not just blogging requires a plan. You need to know why you should do it and have goals to achieve by doing it. Bloggers who just come up with blogs without having a definite purpose constitute to the poor quality blogs. Having a purpose motivates one to research on the topic and use other ways such as correct style to achieve their purposes.


It is good to be updated especially if your blogs are time conscious. If you want to talk about a certain issue or trend, talk about when it is still clear in the minds of the target audience. Otherwise, your blogs will be irrelevant if they speak about things that are no longer of interest to the target audience. Best blogs reach the target audience on time.

Blogging, just like any other writing should be done with a plan. Their effectiveness is dependent on the above factors among others. Do not just write; write blogs that will help you achieve your goals.


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